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That may be true for some lucky pet pigs. Not so for the ones you eat.

Bacteria-Laden Bacon and Harmful Ham
Extremely crowded conditions, poor ventilation, and filth in factory farms cause such rampant disease in pigs that 70 percent of them have pneumonia by the time they’re sent to the slaughterhouse. In order to keep pigs alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them and to promote unnaturally fast growth, the industry keeps pigs on a steady diet of the antibiotics that we depend on to treat human illnesses. This overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of “superbacteria,” or antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. The ham, bacon, and sausage that you’re eating may make the drugs that your doctor prescribes the next time you get sick completely ineffective.
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Their whole life



Scientific research has shown that warm-blooded animals (this includes livestock) feel pain and the emotion of fear.
In particular mammals, including food animals of this group, have brain structures that enable them to feel fear and suffering from pain,
and it is likely that they suffer pain in the same way as humans.

Fear and pain are very strong causes of stress in livestock and stress affects the quality of meat obtained from this livestock.
Pain is usually the effect of injury and suffering, which also affects the quality and value of meat from affected animals.



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